Lantern Assembly Instructions

Please note that due to the fragile nature of our lanterns, please handle lightly and do not force any process of the assembly process.

Desktop Lanterns

  1. Gently remove your lantern from the shipping box and place all of the pieces on the ground or table.
    1. What's in the box: 6 lantern panels, 1 candelabra base LED bulb, 6 ft white electrical cable with on/off switch, and a bag of 8 wedges.
  2. Lay out the panels on a flat surface and arrange the lantern side panels in the correct orientation if applicable.
    1. Some lanterns like the Moon Eclipse (as seen in the first photo), Tropical Paradise, and the Reflective River require a particular panel orientation so their panel sequence makes sense, and so they fit together properly. Please visit your particular lantern's product page to view the correct orientation. 
  3. Place the wooden support panel of the lantern so the SKU number faces towards the ceiling. 
  4. Next, remove the collar piece (removable plastic white piece) from the 6 ft white electrical cable end. Then, place the threaded part of the 6 ft cable through the support panel so the threaded part is also facing towards the ceiling. Now, take the collar piece and thread it back into place so the electrical cable is secured in place. If the collar doesn't seem to fit on the first attempt, turn the collar over and try the other side.

    1. Screw in the provided LED candelabra bulb into the fixture. To maintain the electrical requirements of the electrical cable, ensure that all future bulb purchased remain below 40 watts. LED is preferred! 
  5. Next, one-by-one, begin inserting each side panel into the support panel  with the paper side facing in towards the light bulb and insert a wedge into the protruding tab (that comes off the support panel) that secures the panels together. Repeat this for all 4 side panels (ensure all 4 wedges are in place)
  6. Finally, insert the top panel slots into the protruding tabs on the top panels, followed by inserting a wedge into each tab's slot. 

Congratulations! You now have your own Calibrated Carvings desktop lantern.